What A Better World Means To Me: Beth Soucy

To me, a Better World is the culmination of a multitude of efforts around the world to improve society, the environment, and our collective future. It is both small steps and large undertakings that empower not only the target community or area but the actors for change themselves. It is the improvement of our collective wellbeing both mentally and physically through taking an optimistic yet critical approach to solving global problems.

For me, personally, I first began to consider what a Better World really means after graduating from high school. I had been accepted as one of the pioneering members of the Brown/RISD dual degree program and was doing an internship for the xclinic in New York City when I realized that I wanted my studies and my career to make a positive impact on the world around me. That summer, I found myself surrounded by passionate people who were taking their love for art and design and applying it to environmental and health problems in order to create an impact. I have been striving to do the same ever since.

Through my studies in the Environmental Studies department at Brown and the Industrial Design department at RISD and through my attendance at the A Better World by Design Conference, I have found so many ways that we can use design thinking to reduce our impact on the environment, make daily tasks easier for the marginalized user, or ease the lives of people in the developing world. Most importantly, I think, I have learned how to redefine the problem and to question the parameters.


Beth Soucy, 2012 Public Relations Coordinator


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